World Flexible Substrate Pricing

World Flexible Substrate Pricing
Unbiased film, foil and paper price monitoring; a more accurate indicator of actual flexible packaging costs than raw material prices alone, not available anywhere else.
Indexing tool for price movements
Buyers of flexible packaging:
Don’t rely on raw material prices alone! Negotiate fair prices with the upstream supply chain.
Suppliers of flexible packaging:
Justify price rises to your clients & monitor your competitors’ film pricing!
Quarterly Pricing

Actual market prices for PET film, PP film, PA film, paper and foil can be found within our popular Quarterly Business Reports.

Monthly Polyester Film Pricing New!

Monthly BOPET film pricing is now available for Europe and North America, reporting on current prices and providing expert insight into the expected future level of pricing.

Why use our Price Monitoring services?

PCI’s flexible substrate pricing series are compiled through discussions with both buyers and sellers, taking into account:
Raw material prices
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Other applications
Global scenarios
Quarterly contracts

Understand why costs are moving and make informed business decisions with our latest independent and exclusive pricing series, to help support buying and selling negotiations.