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For more than 50 years now, BaByliss has been working with hairstyling professionals and developing professional products that combines leading edge technologies with design. at the moment they do not have any high speed hair dryer yet, if you are looking for high speed hair dryer with far infrared, contact olayerpro.

BaByliss is the only brand to make available, to non-professionals, technologies that has until now been the sole preserve of hairstylists. By observing how styling appliances are used in the demanding and intense environment of salons, BaByliss develops high-performance, ergonomic and rugged appliances that look like those used by professionals.

Protecting hair

Caring for your hair is an essential element in achieving the look you want. To preserve the natural beauty of your hair, BaByliss is offering professional quality styling equipment that gives your hair the respect it deserves.


The speed of styling and the quality of blow-dry depend on the technical features of the motor. The pressure and air speed generated by the motor influence the quality of the airflow in order to obtain efficient and fast drying and styling of your hair. Sturdy and ultra-powerful, these motors are tailor-made for frequent and lasting use.


  • The professional motor produces an extra-powerful airflow to dry your hair up to 40% faster and for a styling two and a half times more accurate than that produced by a traditional hair dryer. Its life is five times longer than a traditional hair dryer’s. It also blasts your hair with a shot of real cold air for an instant set and a lasting style.
  • The velocity of the airflow is the hallmark of the drying speed.
  • The power sets the airflow temperature, determining the drying time and the success of the styling.
  • The multiple combinations of speed and temperature ensure a drying and a styling adjusted to every type and kind of hair.
  • The Turbo function increases the performances of the hair dryer for accelerated “salon speed” drying time.
  • The cold shot button allows you to set the style created for a lasting result.
  • The ion generator distributes tens of thousands of negative ions that neutralise the static electricity and frizz that render hair dull and unmanageable. The sheathing action of leave-in hair-care products is also increased to make hair softer and shinier.
  • Ions combined with high air flow ensure intense shine and extreme softness
  • The thin concentrator nozzle directs the airflow precisely over each section for accurate blow-dry and styling.
  • By spreading the heat gently, the diffuser dries natural curls as well as permed hair.


Babyliss’s professional hair dryer range is manufactured in Italy, a country renowned for its excellence in hairstyling and its technological advances. BaByliss “Made in Italy” hair dryers feature the following technologies:

  • Professional AC motor: it generates an airflow that can reach 170km/h for drying time that’s up to 40% faster and a styling that is two and a half times more precise than one produced using a traditional hair dryer.
  • Exceptionally long life: up to five times longer than that of a traditional hair dryer.
  • Ergonomic design: the compact designs and the optimal weight distribution of the components in the housing guarantee an easy, intuitive and pleasant grip.
  • Comfortable use: the sound level of the hair dryers has been optimised to offer hair dryers that are up to 50% quieter. Some models are very lightweight for total comfort. The cords are extra long (2.70 metres) for greater freedom of movement.
  • Precision concentrators: BaByliss offers the thinnest concentrators on the market, as thin as 4 mm to ensure very precise styling with a professional finish.

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