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Difference Between Chemical Straightener and Olayer China Hair Straightener

The most well-liked hair straightening techniques are irons and chemical straightening. Olayer China Hair straightener is most well-liked and capable iron; thus we would use the Olayer since the straightener’s representative. Following are the differences among Olayer China straightener and chemical straighteners.

Chemical straighteners:

A chemical straightener reorganizes the structure of hair from curly to the straight. The chemicals generally used are sodium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate and guanidine hydroxide. Using the chemical straightener might be unsafe, therefore it is advised you to allow an expert do it.

Chemical straightening includes four main steps:

1. Strand test – The test reason is to test the strength, texture and elasticity of the hair. The test would aid you to determine if your hair could handle the chemicals as well as which kind is the top for your hair.

2. Using a protecting cream on scalp. The cream would protect a spoiled hair.

3. Rinsing chemicals with hot water on the hair.

4. Relaxing the scalp with a particular conditioner.

Olayer China hair straightener:

Olayer is hair straightener company in China, Olayer hair straighteners make a provisional alteration for structure of your hair as well as not a lasting one as the chemical straighteners. In case you are not certain if you want flat hair for rest of your life, use Olayer China hair straightener. Though, Olayer ceramic ion straightener needs an everyday use of not less than ten minutes. Olayer straightener isn’t costly and it could be employed by anybody. The danger of causing severe harm to the hair is less considerable.

Using the Olayer involves 4 steps:

1. Cleaning hair prior to using Sedu.

2. Drying your hair for around 15 minutes with a dryer.

3. Using Sedu on hair.

4. Brushing or combing your hair.

Whether you make a decision to straighten your hair with a chemical or with a Olayer, most significant thing is to keep your hair healthy.