Inline Switch Wholesale

Inline Switches open and close electrical circuits, enabling the capacity to move through lights and apparatuses. At once, they were entirely basic—only a switch you flipped on and off. Yet, things have changed. As our requirements for vitality effectiveness have developed and innovation has improved, light switches have experienced a renaissance. If you are going

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Plastic Electrical Enclosures

Lowell, MA and Wilmington, DE—Konarka  Technologies, Inc., a developer of Power Plastic™ that converts light to energy, and Textronics, Inc., a developer of electronic textiles, recently announced a joint development program to create prototype garments and accessories with portable, wearable power generation capabilities. The technology will utilize Konarka’s light-activated Power Plastic and Textronics’ electronic textile

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Tool Enables Manufacturer

Collaboration Tool Enables Manufacturer to Increase Project Management Efficiency Arlington, MA—An electromechanical design engineering firm and a manufacturer of complex injection molds are among the companies currently using Glance™, a web demonstration technology from Glance Networks, as a collaboration tool for design reviews and increased project management efficiency. The screen sharing service enables companies to

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uropean CPP films to reach 545,000 tonnes by 2017

European CPP films to reach 545,000 tonnes by 2017 Despite declines in some non-packaging markets (e.g. stationery), PCI forecasts show European demand for CPP films will continue to grow by an average of 1.3% per annum to reach 545,000 tonnes by 2017. Growth in East European demand is expected to play a relatively significant role

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