Polypropylene Film or BOPP Film Market Reports

Polypropylene Film or BOPP Film Market Reports

BOPP Film Market Studies 
PCI has been delivering market information to and about the worldwide Polypropylene film or BOPP film industry since 1994. 
With a considerable number of those involved in the industry as clients we are ideally placed to keep in close touch with market trends.

We have comprehensive reports on the Polypropylene film (BOPP film) industry providing data, statistics and analysis. For corporate planning, competitive strategy formulation or just to keep abreast of the issues and trends within the industry, these reports will be an invaluable guide.

Recent studies include:

“European CPP Film Market Trends to 2017”
“Threats and Opportunities in BOPP Film Markets 2011 – 2016 “
“World BOPP Film Market Trends to 2016”

The following published reports on the world BOPP film market are available to purchase now.

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