Market Studies

Our Multi-Client Market Studies are available on various regional and end user markets for specialist and oriented plastic films, aluminium foil and speciality papers.

All of our market research studies are based on data and other market research collected from direct contacts with film producers, converters and end users, official government sources, published directories and trade journals and our own extensive database.  

All information is cross checked and is believed to give an accurate view of a particular market at the time of publication. 

Published annual reports are available as follows:

• Flexible Packaging Market Reports
• Polyester Film (BOPET) Market Reports
• Polypropylene Film (BOPP) Market Reports
• Sustainable Flexible Packaging
• Various Other Market Reports
We also provide bespoke reporting on a single or multi-client basis.  For more information, please review our Consulting Servicessection or contact us to discuss your information requirements. In addition to our full range of annual reports, we publish quarterly reports, designed to keep subscribers up to date with the latest market developments throughout the year.  Refer to our Quarterly Reports section for subscription details and to request a sample copy.