Global thick BOPET film capacity to increases

Global thick BOPET film capacity to increase by 45%

PCI’s latest study estimates that world thick BOPET film demand has been growing by 7.1% since 2007 and reached 772,500 tonnes in 2012. 

Global thick BOPET film demand forecasts predict average world growth of 6% p.a. led by Asian countries, particularly China. Planned new installations of thick BOPET film capacity are to increase global production capabilities by around 45% to 1.55 million tonnes by 2017.

Other report highlights:The Central and East Asian region, which includes South Korea, Japan and China, remains the world’s largest producer and consumer of thick BOPET films accounting for 70% of global demand.
 Electrical applications account for a high proportion of total usage, with major end uses including flat panel screens, photovoltaic cells, and motor and transformer insulation. The imaging sector remains a high usage market although volumes have been declining over recent years.
 Significant demand growth has caused high levels of investment in dedicated thick BOPET film production capacity with global increases of 375,000 tonnes since 2007.
 Switch BOPET film lines capable of producing both thin and thick films are also becoming more apparent.
 PCI ‘conservative’ forecasts show world demand for thick BOPET films will continue to grow by an average of 6% per annum to reach 1.03 million tonnes by 2017.
 Capacity additions announced and expected, will expand the world thick BOPET film industry by another 44% over the next five years with China accounting for 70% of new capacity.