Consumer Goods Packing

Buying flexible packaging is not an easy business – a variety of factors could be driving the market at any one time and understanding them in depth, to get the best deal, can be time consuming.

Let PCI’s independent flexible packaging supply chain monitoring services help you to take advantage of the market changes in your region, before you sit down with flexible packaging suppliers. 

Build a stronger position in contract negotiations

Have your own independent and regular source of data on trends driving the price of the plastic films, foils and papers used in your flexible packaging – you don’t have to only rely on what your supplier is telling you. Know the cost and market factors that are driving your supplier’s business and because you are better informed it will lead to better buying decisions.
Prepare for future changes in your upstream supplier base 

Regional flexible packaging supplier bases have changed in recent years and keeping track of which companies to deal with can be difficult. PCI experts provide analyses of the global flexible packaging market to help companies develop their corporate sourcing strategies. Being better informed will lead to better buying decisions in the future.
Keep abreast of product trends and flexible packaging developments 

As a consumer goods packer you are currently specifying flexible packaging based on your specific needs and packaging formats offered by your current suppliers. Let PCI experts provide you with a better understanding of the format and waste-handling options you might face in the coming years e.g. bioplastic films and composting.